Due to Covid19 our services have been limited to our Food Bank. We are distributing food baskets on Tuesdays from 11am to 12pm at the rear entrance of the church. To participate, you must phone NCC at 416-741-1130 and leave a call back number by Monday 1pm. Someone will contact you. Blessings

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The Church

The Church

  • Worship Service is held each Tuesday morning from 11:15 to 1:00 in the Youth Centre of Rexdale Alliance Church. Messages are presented in clear to understand language, intentionally avoiding Christian jargon. Messages focus on practical, daily application of the Bible to meet the needs of our culture and society.  Teachings focus on how Jesus can help you in a practical and realistic way with your daily needs and problems.
The Food Bank

The Food Bank

Food Bank services are offered regularly. Groceries can be picked up on Tuesdays.  A person needs to register for the Food Bank by completing a“means” test to qualify. Documents necessary for verification are all explained on a guest’s first visit.

Fun With Fabrics

Fun With Fabrics

The purpose of the Fun with Fabrics has two-fold function of Outreach.  While caring for others by creating items for charity, te women are also growing in love for Christ and scripture and caring for each other's spiritual needs.  The items that are created are made from fabric scraps which also helps the environment.  Come join this amazing ministry every Tuesday from 9 to 1 9.m.

We journey with them on a daily basis and seek to develop true meaningful relationships.



We are a group of partners who provide services to the community of Rexdale.  We partner with local organizations who facilitate referrals and provide resources and support and help residents in need.

During the months of July and August, there is no Haircutting Day or Clothing Closet. Worship Service and lunch, and food baskets will continue.

Dental Bus Service

In partnership with the Toronto Department of Health the Neighbourhood Connections Church is hosting the Dental Bus once a month, every month. This service is for people who are on social assistance   and have a serious dental need. The Dental Bus is a fully equipped dental office on wheels offering the same service as a dental office. busThe Dental Bus will be in front of Rexdale Alliance Church at 2459 Islington Avenue on the days listed below. If you meet the requirements for an appointment and would like to see a dentist please email dentalbus@rexdalealliance.ca

Future Appointment Dates:

  • Dates to be determined
  • Wednesday TBA
  • Wednesday TBD

Children 17 and under as well as seniors 65 and up can now get appointments.  They should also have a serious dental concern to be booked on the bus, and for seniors the income should be $19, 300 (or less) for single and $32, 300 (or less) for couples after taxes.  

All of these requirements must be met in order to see a dentist

1.       Must be on OW or ODSP-Bring proof you are currently receiving assistance

2.       Must have an urgent need ie. broken tooth, cavity, pain etc.

3.       Must be between the ages of 19 and 64.


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Neighbourhood Connections has a Youtube Channel

See all the sermons on our Channel

The Beginners Bible Channel for Children

The future is in the hands of the children and if we don’t give them a good solid Christian education early on it will be very difficult for them to grow into Jesus loving adults. We live in a culture obsessed with media and the children are part of that obsession. We at the Neighbourhood Connections Church would like to suggest that you use this obsession to our advantage by exposing our children to the stories of the Bible through videos. Click on the button below to go to the  You Tube Channel  that will take you to an excellent channel of animated Bible stories where the children can learn about the Bible while being entertained.

Food Bank Sponsors